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Merry Christmas 2017


not in the Christmas story but are the founders of Chiang Mai, Thailand where the Taylors are this Christmas.

We have had another wonderful year…We celebrated with the Bongarras, our Argentine family, the wedding of Juan Francisco in Florida.

I was exposed to yet more risk-taking with my friends Tom and Val. Tom is out on thin ice with the rope tied around him. (He really likes to fish.)

With a little more flexibility in my work location we were able to more frequently see the big fun family, the Prothros of Flint, Texas.

Cynthia continued to move and shake with the movers and shakers of Northville..

We were overwhelmed by these Jesus followers who drove from Chicago to clear and demolish after Hurricane Harvey flooded Cynthia’s mom’s house.

All in one day…When I asked their leader why they were doing this for complete strangers he responded quickly, “for the love of Jesus”.

We sadly said goodbye to our friends Hareesh and Lourdes (on the right below) who moved to Germany for a big promotion.

In October, I went to Austin to my first Formula 1 race with Luke who knows this sport well.

Thanks to Meg for loaning him..

The first Arizona gathering of the cousins occurred in November…Clockwise from the top: Ezekiel, Norah, Colin, Wyatt, and Hadley.

At breakfast here in Chiang Mai in 80 degree weather a Thai singer slowly played on the electric guitar “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”.  He indeed was dreaming…

Our flight is scheduled back to Detroit on January 1 to what Cynthia refers to as “the arctic tundra”. She has discovered how to overcome the cold… by staying inside under a mink coat bought at a garage sale…only the finest…

Well, we again give thanks for you our friends and wish you a Merry Christmas. We hope the upcoming year provides deeper insight into the Jesus born in a manger.

All the best from Cynthia and Joe!


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Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas!

taylor.jpgWith our grandkids: Ezekiel, Hadley, Colin, Norah, Wyattimg_0107Cynthia & I are still in Michigan and have had another great year rich in relationships and experiences.2f6f8280-febd-4083-b897-7ccc2ae8e144Cynthia and I have experienced two record-setting years while living in Michigan:most snow EVER and lowest temps EVER. God’s reminder of the glory that accompanies autumn is displayed on the wall at the Macy’s entrance at our Twelve Oaks Mall here. The four seasons are celebrated well in Michigan!img_0037Our beautiful daughter, Julie. Here she trains the next generation of precious angels…912bfadf-cfec-4d56-b86f-39b8c5ad46adThe Tamasy Ladies – JoLynn, Amy, Cynthia….and Barbara (AKA “Mimi”). Mimi completed her first 90 years this summer.img_0029Luke visited us in Detroit in April. Shinola was just shoe polish when I was a kid. Now it is expensive watches and bicycles… All part of the resurgence of Detroit.IMG_0816.jpgBeginning of the Tour de Brisket in Central Texas in May with our friends the Crabills… Waiting since 7am for Franklin Barbecue to open at 11. It was worth the wait. IMG_0157.jpgTalking shop with Aaron Franklin, arguably the king of brisket these days.img_0455I happened to run into Lucas Bongarrá in Chicago in June to watch Argentina and Messi play Panama. My friend Peter and I drove from Michigan. Lucas flew in from L.A. Juan Bongarrá also flew in for the game from Tampa.DSC07876.jpgFour defenders on Messi… He came in at the 60th minute, took over the game, and scored a hat trick in 19 minutes. Could not have been better!img_0296Cynthia doing what she loves doing….Serving and hanging with her dear friendsimg_0295img_0621We are privileged to participate in Life Remodeled which is restoring inner city Detroit one high school and surrounding neighborhood at a time. Last summer it was Denby High School. img_0582Employees from Bosch (where I work) preparing to work in the Denby neighborhood last August.img_0114Simon, my transformed friend. Great things to come.img_0878Our long-time friend Javier in Buenos Aires loves the USA like I love Argentina.IMG_0803.JPGFrom this photo you might think we know pastor Rick Warren but we don’t. We just so happened to visit Saddleback Church in Buenos Aires which was planted by his well-known church in California of the same name… Great church.img_0680Visiting the Basilica of our Lady of Luján with our friends, Juan Pablo and Noemi in AugustIMG_4945_2.JPG Our long-time friend, Jorge, gets recognized by fans of his movies and TV shows while at brunch with us in Buenos Aires IMG_0794.JPGThe family celebration of the 70th birthday of Juan Pablo Bongarrá (3rd from right) in Buenos Aires. It was a great privilege for us to be included.8b236e47-3208-4b4c-901a-c6fcc25cc323Celebrating our 39 years of wedded bliss with our dear friends Eliseo and Geraldine in Buenos Aires

We hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

Isaiah 7:14: Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.

Isaiah 9:6: For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

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Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas!

A Christmas card from the late Philip Johnson

A Christmas card created by Philip Johnson

Our family 2015

Our family 2015 – The newest is Wyatt Maddox Prothro (in his mommy’s arms)

My brother-in law, Robert, (middle amigo) and my brother, Ben (amigo on the right0

My brother-in law, Robert, (middle amigo) and my brother, Ben, (amigo on the right)

The three amigos and our brides took a Caribbean cruise in November.

Suzie, Robert, Ben and Kristi

Suzie, Robert, Ben and Kristi

Vonnie came up from Houston in August and we drove together to Saginaw to visit her siblings and see the family farm…home of Johnson’s giant pumpkins.

Vonnie, friend, Kenneth and Rita

Vonnie, Sandi, Kenneth and Rita

My babe wife, Cici and her eldest

My babe wife, Cici, and our eldest, Luke, in Flint, Texas in November

Here she is in her namesake town in Hungary. She was Cynthia Tamasy when I met her.

Here she is in her namesake town in Hungary in June. She was Cynthia Tamasy when I met her in 1976.

At a restaurant in Hungary

At a restaurant in Hungary

Getting ready to eat this...

Getting ready to eat this…yummm

Doing some zip lining....

Doing some stylin’ and zip linin’ in Honduras…

Norah and me in the glow of the fireworks...

Norah, her doll, and me in the glow of the fireworks in Austin

Hadley getting some good advice from her momma, Julie

Hadley getting some good advice from her beautiful momma, Julie, at their new home in Flint, Texas.

Ezekiel and me expressing ourselves

Ezekiel and me expressing ourselves in Phoenix

The bright and delightful Colin

The bright and delightful Colin at the conveyor belt sushi place….He looks good in that cap.

Celebrating Father's Day in Munich with an old friend

Celebrating Father’s Day in Munich with an old friend.

More and more I think of God as it describes Him in Psalm 23 as my personal Good Shepherd…surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life….Contentment is a great gift. The ability to enjoy small things is growing in me. I hope it is in you, too.

All the best from our family to yours.

The Taylors

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Christmas 2014

Well, Merry Christmas once again!

Here we are spiffed up at a fund raiser for LifeRemodeled’s project to redo 300 city blocks surrounding Cody High, redo Cody High School and build a new football field. The project got done. It was led by a man named Chris. We helped…some…along with 12000 others.

In 2015, the project is Osborn High School and the surrounding neighborhood. Inner city Detroit is slowly rising again.










Here is Cynthia being a cool grandmother and showing her smile with Luke’s two sons, Ezekiel and Colin, and Julie’s daughter Hadley.













Norah is the newest walker in Julie’s house.


Here we are at the lake near Grand Haven this summer on our “I will” trip.











We still live in Michigan. It’s still cold in the winter. I still like working for Bosch. Cynthia is still tutoring a bunch. We are still being cared for by the Great Shepherd. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives.

Now to Him Who came for us…

Joe & Cynthia

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My heart is still with Argentina

Beaten by a beautiful goal. A valiant effort by the men from Argentina. An honorable defeat. Nevertheless, devastating.

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So it begins. The country shuts down. All eyes of Argentina are on the sky blue and white. To plagiarize a sign I saw once….its not a matter of life and death…its much more important than that….Argentina in the World Cup.

Years ago I was in a large, top-ranked hotel in Mendoza, Argentina on the weekend and went to the lobby to get a coke. Nobody was working. Nobody at the desk, at the bell stand, in the shop, nobody. So I began to roam the hotel searching for someone. Finally, I heard a noise coming from one room. In that room with the TV showing Paraguay vs Argentina was the entire hotel staff. They looked at me. I figured my coke could wait. That wasn’t even a World Cup match.

So if you’re staying in a hotel today somewhere in Argentina, its self-service starting at game time.




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Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas! Here is the team:


Left to right: Norah, Evan, Hadley, Julie, Cynthia, Joe, Ezekiel, Luke, Meg, and Colin

Norah Ashley Prothro arrived August 21. There she is with her older sister, Hadley.


Cynthia (Cici) here demonstrates what good grandmothers do…read to their grandkids in their fort.


Colin on my head.

photo copy 4

These are our wonderful kids. We love them deeply.


Cynthia has friends from around the world join her to make Christmas cookies.

photo copy 2

Three Weddings:

1. One highlight of our year was traveling to Aguascalientes in Mexico to attend the wedding of Hareesh and Lourdes with our friends, John and Renate. Plus, we got to see our long-time friends (and residents of Aguascalientes) Jim and Carrie and tour colonial Mexico. Loved it all. The wedding music was over the top. About 8 hours of great live music (from 2 other groups), food, drink and celebrating followed this:

Aguas wed

2. We also got to go to Napa for another cool wedding hosted by the bride’s parents, Tom and Libby.


3. God has blessed Brett. Brett has grit. He has worked through some great challenges. I admire him. We got to attend and celebrate his wedding in October and to enjoy a rehearsal dinner hosted by his parents, Steve and JoLynn. When you say “Churrascos” to members of my family, their eyes roll back in ecstasy. They love this restaurant. That is where the rehearsal dinner was. (Well done, Steve.)…..Here we are celebrating Brett’s wedding….


The bottom line: This fall my father, Truman H. Taylor, and my aunt, Lois Pearl Roberts, finished their well-lived lives on earth. They both shaped the legacy of our family in a beautiful way. Both died in faith, relying completely on this Jesus we celebrate at Christmas time. May all of us have this confidence in Jesus that they have.

My dad:

photo copy

Merry Christmas.

Joe & Cynthia

The link “No Little People” above to the right tells you more… if you want to know…

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More Eyes on Argentina

The eyes of the world are on Argentina this week because of the new pope from Buenos Aires. I was raised a southern Baptist in Houston, Texas. My mom’s father was a Baptist preacher. I did not associate much with Catholics in my early years. This week, for the first time, I have been moved to pray for the pope. I don’t know why it has taken me so long.

In 1945, Jose Bongarra, an evangelical pastor set up a tent in a Buenos
Aires suburb to have a gospel meeting. A priest from the Catholic church set the tent on fire. Bongarra fled the scene for safety. This story became well-known within the Catholic community in Argentina and eventually became a point of shame and regret.

Fast forward to this millenium…a few years ago. Juan Pablo Bongarra, my evangelical pastor friend and the son of Jose Bongarra, is invited to meet with his friend, Jorge Bergoglio, the cardinal from Buenos Aires. Bergoglio was about 9 when the tent burning incident occurred.

When he greets Juan Pablo with a hug he says, “what would your father say if he saw us as friends today?” The tent incident has long since been forgiven. You can read in the article below Juan Pablo comment on his friend who is now the pope. (Juan Pablo is the dark-haired man sitting next to Bergoglio in the photo.)

To my evangelical friends, please pray for the new pope and the 1.2 billion in the Roman Catholic church. Pray like you pray for the evangelical church:

  • that those who do not know Jesus would genuinely trust Him and come to know God through Jesus on God’s terms.
  • that God would work through and protect its leadership to shape and purify the church to please and glorify Him. Read More…

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Christmas 2012

Here we are. The Taylors 2012. From left to right: Colin, Luke, Meg, Cynthia (my girlfriend of 35+ years), me, Ezekiel, Evan, Hadley, and Julie. (Click on the picture.)


A few highlights of the year:

  • Cynthia and I surpassed the 35 year anniversary mark.
From Masada looking toward the Dead Sea

From Masada looking toward the Dead Sea

  • Cynthia got to babysit each of her grandchildren. She went to Colin’s kindergarten for grandparent’s day. She hung out with Hadley in Austin and with Ezekiel in Scottsdale.
    Colin the protector

    Colin the protector

    Hadley writing code like her dad

    Hadley writing code like her dad

    Hangin with Ezekiel

    Hangin with Ezekiel

  • I spent my 60th birthday on the Sea of Galilee.
  • We witnessed firsthand the multiple busloads of people coming from all over the planet to Israel to see where Jesus walked. (Consider the massive global effect which started with the arrival of the baby in a manger.)

Everyday life for us in 2012 was pretty much the same as last year. We feel blessed to have the family and friends we have and the opportunities that are before us. We hope you have a great Christmas and that its meaning continues to sink in deeper. Click this link if you want to read my attempt at summarizing the Bible’s description of the point of Christmas.

Merry Christmas from Joe and Cynthia!



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